We Tried Eating An Entire Extra-Large Zinger Burger From KFC… And Failed


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Zinger vs Mighty Zinger
The limited-edition burger is rather yuge.

The limited-edition burger is rather yuge.

Meet the Mighty Zinger ($6.80 a la carte), KFC’s newly launched upsized burger that’s essentially a bigger version of the old Zinger Burger ($4.90 a la carte). The mightier version is packed with more ingredients, massive buns and a larger slab of the signature Zinger chicken fillet. The burger is only available while stocks last, so we tried conquering the giant creation and here’s how it went.

The size

The Mighty Burger reached us via delivery. Right off the bat, its size stands out. It’s built with five-inch (12.7cm) Oat Bran buns, an upsized Zinger fillet, crispy turkey bacon, cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce, sliced red onions, barbecue sauce and mayonnaise. On the other hand, the original Zinger Burger measures almost half its size, at about three and a half inches (8.89cm) across its smaller sesame seed buns. Besides a more petite Zinger fillet, it only has lettuce and mayonnaise. To paint a clearer picture: the OG Zinger fits easily in one of our palms, but the Mighty Zinger needed both palms.

Mighty Zinger Taste Test, $6.80 a la carte

Our first bite of the Mighty Zinger is met with an overwhelming taste of smoky barbecue sauce, which is generously slathered on the bun. While the sauce is nice and intense, it kinda overpowers the flavours of the star of the burger: the crispy, lightly spicy chicken fillet. However, we have to say that the larger fillet is meatier and juicer than the one in the original Zinger and it boasts a satisfying crunch that complements the soft oat bran buns. We can barely taste the bacon, though it does add a crispy bite to it all.

Super filling

While we have no problems polishing off a regular Zinger, we only managed to put away half of the Mighty offering. Its hulking size aside, we find the original Zinger a bit less jelak ’cos there’s more of a spicy edge to it which counterpoints all that richness. Still, this big number is overall quite tasty and a fab deal if you’ve got the appetite of a teenage boy.

As for KFC’s new Brown Sugar Boba Tea Tart ($1.80 each)…

We also tried this limited-edition offering. Its pastry is similar to the Portuguese egg tart crust, which is flakier than your usual Cantonese dim sum tart. The crust is pleasantly buttery and the lightly flavoured brown sugar jelly boba on it more soft than chewy like tapioca pearls. Meanwhile, the aroma of tea in the custard is pretty pronounced. Grab one soon if you’re keen to try it — it’s only available while stocks last.

The Mighty Zinger is available while stocks last at all KFC outlets except KFC KidZania, Sentosa and Singapore Zoo.