Singapore Pools' online Toto Quick Pick option hit by 2 software glitches; '49' left out of numbers generated


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SINGAPORE - Punters using the Singapore Pools' online Toto Quick Pick option have been affected by two software glitches, one of which left the number "49" out of the numbers generated in their bets for a period of more than a year.

In a statement on Wednesday (Jan 15), the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) said it was notified of the glitches earlier this month.

"MHA takes a very serious view of these errors and is currently investigating the matter," it said.

Singapore Pools said there were 14 Toto draws that included "49" as a winning number while its system was glitched.

In those 14 draws, punters who used the online Quick Pick option would have had no chance of winning the top Toto prize because the software would not have generated the number "49" for their bets.

Singapore Pools said the glitches impacted about 3 per cent of Toto sales, but declined to reveal the number of affected punters.

The software glitches were introduced on Oct 2, 2018, when a service vendor conducted a system update, said the lottery operator.

Punters who place bets via the Quick Pick option allow the Singapore Pools system to generate a random set of numbers for them.

Singapore Pools said it will contact affected customers and refund the bets they had placed in the 14 draws where "49" was drawn as a winning number. Those affected will also receive a goodwill token.

The first software glitch caused the number "49" to be left out in the range of numbers generated by the Quick Pick option, said the lottery operator.

The second glitch impacted the Quick Pick System Roll numbers generated by the Quick Pick option.

The glitches did not affect how the winning numbers were drawn for Toto, said Singapore Pools, adding that all other online systems were unaffected.

It said it was alerted to the first software glitch on Dec 18 last year and fixed the error three days later on Dec 21.

Singapore Pools discovered the second glitch after checking its system, and rolled out another patch on Jan 13 this year to fix it.

About 130 Toto draws were conducted while the glitches were in the system.

Singapore Pools said it is cooperating fully with the Ministry of Home Affairs, which is investigating the incident.

Said its spokesman: "Singapore Pools remains committed to serving its customers in a responsible manner and will do better to ensure that their interests are protected. "The robustness and the continuity of the online platforms for our customers remains our utmost priority."