McDonald's Bringing Back Chocolate Pie & All-Day McGriddles With Bacon


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Bye bye diet.

For those of you who didn't manage to try McDonald's limited-edition McGriddles and Chocolate Pie the few times they have popped up on its menu, well, they are baaack. From February 17, the fast food chain will start serving these two popular snacks again, with a new item, the McGriddles Stack.

1 of 4McGriddles Stack, from $6.20 a la carte, or $7.10 as an Extra Value Meal
The McGriddles is like a Sausage McMuffin drizzled with maple syrup, and the new McGriddles Stack has additional strips of bacon. While McDonald's usually offer McGriddles only during breakfast hours, its latest comeback will be available all day (yay).

2 of 4Sausage McGriddles with Egg, from $5.40 a la carte, or $6.00 as an Extra Value Meal
There will also be regular Sausage McGriddles, and a plain version without the sunny side up egg (from $4.50 a la carte, or $5.10 as an Extra Value Meal.

3 of 4Chocolate Pie, from $1.50
The molten Chocolate Pie also makes a comeback. We have tried it and it's pretty decent, so don't miss it this time round.

4 of 4Lobang alert on McDonald's App
From February 20 to March 18, there will also be 1-for-1 vouchers on McDonald's app for use when you buy food at its outlets. This includes Filet-O-Fish, Big Breakfast, Sausage McMuffin as well as a $9.90 Family Bundle with Hot Cakes, Big Breakfast and Sausage McMuffin.

McGriddles and Chocolate Pie available from February 17 at all McDonald's outlets, Dessert Kiosks and via GrabFood and McDelivery, while stocks last. Chocolate Pie available only after breakfast hours.