Expect more rain, 22 deg C temperature in the first 2 weeks of December


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SINGAPORE - More wet weather can be expected in the first two weeks of December with temperatures falling to as low as 22 deg C, the weatherman said on Friday (Nov 29).

This comes as the north-east monsoon conditions over the island since early this month are expected to continue till March next year, said the National Environment Agency's Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS).

In the first week of December, Singapore can expect a monsoon surge lasting from two to four days, bringing cloudy and occasionally windy conditions with periods of moderate to heavy showers over the island.

These strong north-easterly winds over the South China Sea are likely to weaken in the second week.

Short moderate to heavy thundery showers are also expected in the afternoon on five to seven days. This is due to strong daytime heating of the land coupled with local convergence of winds.

Overall, the rainfall for the island in the first two weeks of December is likely to be above normal.

Cooler temperatures of between 22 and 30 deg C are expected in the first two weeks of next month. For the remaining two weeks, daily temperatures are expected to range between 24 and 33 deg C, potentially dipping to a low of 23 deg C on some nights.

The daily maximum temperature could still reach a high of 34 deg C on a few days.

The north-east monsoon season has two phases, a wet phase between December and January 2020 and a dry phase, usually between February and March 2020, the NEA said.

During the wet phase, the monsoon rain band lies over the equatorial South China Sea and usually brings increased cloudiness and rain showers over Singapore and the surrounding region.

A few monsoon surges can also be expected during the wet phase. Each surge could bring several days of widespread continuous rain across the island.

For updates of the daily weather forecast, go to the MSS website at www.weather.gov.sg or the National Environment Agency website at www.nea.gov.sg or download the myENV app or the [email protected] app.