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    [Breaking News] Parliament: E-scooters to be banned from footpaths from Nov 5

    CCTV can catch the ah Beng zoom zoom?
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    [Breaking News] Parliament: E-scooters to be banned from footpaths from Nov 5

    Can ban it but will it stop the so ginnas n ah Beng?
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    Stepfather up sex-craved stepdotter. Thai drama with JAV plot

    The dotter not dualiap eniff
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    Architect Tay Kheng Soon posts ingeniously simple way to allow PMDs on Singapore’s walkways

    After this these si ginnas will cheong to the road
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    [GPGT] what a CB scum property agent!

    $$$ face...
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    We Tried Eating An Entire Extra-Large Zinger Burger From KFC… And Failed

    Original zinger seems to have shrunk over the yrs
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    Are we spending too much on weddings ?

    Jz an occasion for hotel, wedding gown, foto ppl to earn
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    5 Unique Food Vending Machine in Singapore

    food vending machine only useful during CNY period or those bird no lay egg location(with food panda/grab theres no nid for vending)... these companies should sexpand overseas...
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    Monga fried chicken

    Better than haodajipa?
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    2019/2020 football season

    Brighton whacking Spurs 3-0.... 4-4-2 a counter for 4-2-3-1
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    2019/2020 football season

    Arsenal kids seems to be better than first team
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    PC maker HP to cut up to 9,000 jobs in restructuring push

    Trim Liao they do wat business
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    High costs: Why Singaporeans are going elsewhere for dental procedures

    Dental is fugging ex here... But only good thing is here clinic got standard... Go overseas has risk .. 
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    Friends like these: Man at a loss after pal refuses to pay S$17.6k damages following car accident

    Kgk... Take loan still no get comprehensive insolen? + The way he chargeback is like dirty cabbies... Wtf admin fee, repair crap, etc... The only way he win is bcos the signature... 
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    Suspect in 140 MPH Chase Did Not Realize Cops Could Catch His Acura

    Kgk... He tink he playing need for speed
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    What's next for Singapore's dying getai (歌台) trade?

    And the selfish generation