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    等等就會有八月十五看了! 哈哈哈哈哈!
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    [GGGT] Can you spot the mistake?

    Can you spot the mistake in this Justice Bao scene?  
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    "AI" sees humans for the first time

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    AMDL kidnapped by armed men in Africa

    A US citizen Kimberley Sue Endecott and John Paul a Ugandan driver were on Tuesday kidnapped by armed men in the Queen Elizabeth National Park in southwest Uganda, authorities have said. Police, Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) and Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) in a joint statement said on...
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    TVB New Poo Lees Drama

    Downroad episodes 1 - 10 here : BT : Magnet...
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    Will Boeing 737 Max 8 be the fate of Galaxy Note 7?

    Will Boeing wait for moar deaths rike Samsung wait for moar sexplosion then act?
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    Wash your eyes after seeing thish...
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    Adia Chan in tiong version Mama Mia kym?

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    Bolehsia mm played with Mate X jin sexcited!
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    Tish ex TVB milf sing song kym?

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    Those wan to watch Stephen Chow new movie dun be kumgong go cinema...

    Can downroad torrent zip file here...  
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    HK Auntie sing rap kym?

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    [Old Case Study] How your co-worker can kill you instantly

    An industrial accident where a worker was crushed to death by a hydraulic press Tuesday, Nov 14th 2017 (02:53 PM) An online video shows two workers who were placing materials under a hydraulic press. The worker who controlled the machine started the engine while the victim was bending...
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    Thish jippun auntie from project runway kym?

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    The show must go on?

    So this year CNY countdown show will see more getai artistes than mediacorp artistes as they are probably too sad to celebrate still thinking of their late colleague Aloysius Pang...
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    LHL dancing kym?

    李皓鑭 dancing keyi ma?
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    AV女优 on news 5 kym?

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